Tuesday, August 30, 2016

RE-UP: The Beatles "Anthology volume 5" - 1DVD

The Beatles
Anthology Disc 5

01.Series Flashback
02.Shea Stadium Concert-August 15, 1965
03.Meeting Elvis Presley
04.More Tour Pressure
05.New Musical Directions:"Rubber Soul" And "Revolver"
06.LSD-Doctor Riley
07."Day Tripper"
08."We Can Work It Out"
09.Taped TV Promo Films
10."Paperback Writer"
12."Yellow Submarine"
13."Tomorrow Never Knows"
14.World Tour 1966-Returning To Hamburg

Audio AC3/448/kb
Video BR 6453/29.97 NTSC

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

RE-UP: The Beatles "... And Now A Word From Our Sponsor" - 1DVD

The Beatles
"... And Now A Word From Our Sponsor"

promo's and solo stuff

Ed Sullivan
Yellow Submarine
Red & Blue Albums
10 years in Capitol 1964-1974
Rock'n'Roll music
Hollywood Bowl
20 Greatest Hits
23 Number Ones
The Beatles Ballads
Reel Music
The Compleat Beatles
Red & Blue Albums (on CD)
Venus and Mars
Wings over America
Wings over the World
McCartney II
Ebony & Ivory
Give my regards to Broadstreet
All the best
Flowers in the dirt
48 hours
World Tour 91
Get Back VHS
How I won the war
David Frost
Harry Nilsson's Pussycats
Walls and Bridges
Rock and Roll
John Lennon Collection
Lennon Legend
Lennon Anthology
Traveling Wilbury's 1 
Traveling Wilbury's 3
Live in Japan
Good Night Vienna
Saturday Night Live
Choose Love
Pizza Hut
Chants of India
James Taylor
Mary Hopkin
Billy Preston
The Rutles
and more

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

RE-UP: The Beatles "Anthology volume 4" - 1DVD

The Beatles
Anthology vol 4


1. In My Life - Series Flashback
2. First Major US Tour - Summer 1964
3. Meeting Bob Dylan
4. The Pressures of Touring
5. Feedback I Feel Fine
6. Recording Beatles For Sale
7. Filming Help
8. Yesterday
9. NME Poll Winner's Concert - April 11, 965
10. George Talks About His Songs
11. Ticket To Ride
12. The Beatles Receive The MBE From The Queen
13. The '65 Tour Se List - Paris 1965
14. Playing Bullrings In Spain

Video Bitrate: 6871
Frames/s: 29.97
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 448 kb/s

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RE-UP: The Beatles "Anthology volume 3" - 1DVD

The Beatles
Anthology vol 3


1. In My Life - Series Flashback
2. Arrival In The US - February 1964
3. First Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show
4. The Coliseum Concert -Washinton D.C.
5. Reception at the British Embassy
6. Miami Beach
7. Second Appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show
8. Return To England
9. They're Going To Put Us In The Movies!
10. Filming A Hard Day's Nigh
11. Derek Taylor Becomes Press Agent
12. World Tour 1964
13. You Can't Do That Tour Montage
14. World Premiere of A Hard Day's Night
15. Liverpool Homecoming

Video Bitrate: 6871
Frames/s: 29.97
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 448 kb/s

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RE-UP: The Beatles "Anthology volume 2" - 1DVD

The Beatles Anthology

Discs 2 of a 10 disc set

Disc 2 March '63 to January '64

01."In My Life" - Series Flashback
02. Racing Up The Ladder
03. Touring Britain - 1963
04."From Me To You"
05. Mal Evans
06."She Loves You"
07. Reflections On Sudden Fame
08."It Won't Be Long"
09. Beatlemania - Sweeden 1963
10. Royal Variety Performance
11. Second Album: "With The Beatles"
12. Early Television Appearances
13. Olympia Theatre, Paris - 1964
14."I Wanna Hold Your Hand" Reaches No.1 In The U.S.

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RE-UP: The Beatles "Anthology volume 1" - 1DVD

The Beatles Anthology

Discs 1 of a 10 disc set

Disc 1 July '40 to March '63

01."In My Life"
02. Liverpool: The Childhood Years
03. Musical Influences - Discovering Rock & Roll
04. John, Paul & George - The Beginning of the Beatles
05."Twenty Flight Rock" - "The Girl Can't Help It"
06. First Recordings 1958-1960
07. Stuart Sutcliffe
08. Flaming Pie - Name Origins
09. Early Tours
10. Pete Best
11. Hamburg
12. Growing Pains - Stuart Leaves
13. The Cavern
14. Decca Sessions
15. George Martin - Abbey Road Studios
16. Ringo Arrives
17."Love Me Do"
18."Please, Please Me" - "We're No.1"

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NEW: The Tootles live in New York 2009 - 1CD - April 4 - Paul & Ringo reunion

The Tootles - "Ladies And Gentlemen...Billy Shears!"
Beatles Reunite at the Radio City Music Hall, New York 04 April 2009.

Once upon a long ago or maybe twice in the Land Beneath The Sea from John O' Groats to....
Radio City the 4th of April 2009...
An historic occasion in more ways than one. A live reunion of the two
remaining Icons from the most Iconic band of all time..the Beatles....and a
rendition of Cosmically Conscious, a tune written in India.
In 1994, we had the "reunion" of the Threetles as they were affectionately
named, now it's just the Tootles.
All to promote Transcandental Meditation some 40 years on....
Luminaries queued up to join Ringo and Paul on Stage...Mike Love, David
Lynch, Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vader, Ben Harper, Moby and last but by no
means least Donovan, who was in India with the Beatles....such a shame he
didn't sing the extra verse to Sunshine Superman...
What else is there to say except that we never expected to hear those
immortal words..
"Ladies and Gentlemen..Billy Shears!"

Mister Moonlight

01 David Lynch Benefit Concert with Paul & Ringo (Crowd Interviews)
02 Paul Signing Autographs Before Press Conference
03 Press Conference (Paul & Ringo)
04 Paul Signing Autographs After Press Conference
05 Paul Signing Autographs Before Concert
06 It Don't Come Easy (Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper)
07 Boys (Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper)
08 Yellow Submarine (Ringo, Eddie Vedder & Sheryl Crow)
09 Drive My Car (Paul)
10 Jet (Paul)
11 Got to Get You into My Life (Paul)
12 Let It Be (Paul)
13 Lady Madonna (Paul)
14 Blackbird (Paul)
15 Here Today (Paul)
16 Band on the Run (Paul)
17 Can't By Me Love (Paul)
18 With A Little Help From My Friends (Paul & Ringo)
19 Cosmically Conscious (Paul & Ringo)
20 I Saw Her Standing There (Paul & Ringo with Vedder, Donovan, Moby, Crow & Bettye LaVette)
21 Bonus - Tribute To George - My Sweet Lord (Sheryl Crow)
22 Bonus - David Lynch Poem (with Donovan and Paul McCartney)
23 Bonus - Paul e Ringo a New York, per una notte tornano Beatles

Total Time: 1:10

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NEW: The Threetles "Meet The Threetles" - 2CD - McCartney, Starr & Harrison reunions

The Threetles - Meet The Threetles!
Publisher: Purple Chick
Reference :PC-60
Date :2003
Made In: USA

1-7 Reunion Jam Sessions 1994
8-14 The Evolution Of Free As A Bird
15-23 The Evolution of Real Love
24 Bonus track

Track Listing:

01. Raunchy (Justis/Manker)
02. Thinking Of Linking (Lennon/McCartney)
03. Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Monroe)
04. Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do (Reed)
05. I Will (Lennon/McCartney)
06. Dera Duhn (Harrison)
07. Ain't She Sweet (Ager/Yellen)
08. Free As A Bird (Lennon)
09. Free As A Bird (Lennon)
10. Free As A Bird (Lennon)
11. Free As A Bird (Lennon)
12. Free As A Bird (Lennon)
13. Free As A Bird (Lennon)
14. Free As A Bird (Lennon)
15. Real Love (Lennon)
16. Real Love (Lennon)
17. Real Love (Lennon)
18. Real Love (Lennon)
19. Real Love
20. Real Love (Lennon)
21. Real Love (Lennon)
22. Real Love (Lennon)
23. Real Love (Lennon)
24. All Those Years Ago (Harrison)


NEW: The Beatles live in Vancouver 1964 - 1CD - August 22 - soundboard

The Beatles
Empire Stadium
Vancouver, BC, Canada

August 22, 1964


01 Intro (1:16)
02 Twist And Shout (1:17)
03 You Can't Do That (3:01)
04 All My Loving (2:09)
05 She Loves You (2:29)
06 Things We Said Today (2:14)
07 Roll Over Beethoven (3:17)
08 Can't Buy Me Love (2:35)
09 If I Fell (2:36)
10 Boys (2:39)
11 A Hard Day's Night (2:37)
12 Long Tall Sally (2:02)

TT - 28:19

Sound is pretty good considering how old this is.  A little radio distortion from time to time but generally quite clear.  Good performance in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience.  This was apparently recorded on reel to reel from a local AM radio broadcast and I guess this is a couple of generations from the master.

Download this bootleg here

NEW: The Beatles "The Cavern Tapes (circa 1962)" - 1CD

The Beatles - The Cavern Tapes Circa 1962 (MJ1407)

I've heard a few different copies of this material.

1. good sound quality, incomplete: Yellow Dog's Ultimate Collection disc 1
2. poor sound quality, complete: The Beatles - The Cavern Club 1962 (info here:http://tela.sugarmegs.org/_asxtela/asxcards/Beatles1962CavernTapes.html)
3. very good sound quality, complete, and the source of this release: The Beatles - The Cavern Tapes Circa 1962 (not to be confused with (2) above)

All sources have a couple major tape errors during I Saw Her Standing There. The first error actually sounds like someone accidentally hit the record button during the line "just seventeen". Yellow Dog's version (1) fixes this by stealing the from next line "know what I mean" from "ean" up to just before "and the way she looked". This edit destroys the original cadence of the line, as McCartney holds the "een" quite long.
The second error appears to be a live fade, as the volume just decreases half way into the song, then increases again. The live fade seems likely, as the tape contains other live fades, the tape operator probably just faded prematurely.
Purple Chick's Strong Before Our Birth disc 2 contains a composite of 1 and 2.

For the first tape error, this restoration keeps more of the original audio than Yellow Dogs edit. By borrowing just the "e" in "me" from the line "she looked at me", much more of the original audio remains, and the original cadence is preserved.
For the second tape error, a professional restoration has been performed for the first time.
3 other minor dropouts were repaired in other songs on the tape.
The speed has been corrected so that the harmonica in I Saw Her Standing There is in C major (thanks to John C. Winn for this insight).
Special thanks to darthdisc for confirming that this copy is better sounding and just as complete as his second generation copy.

Download this bootleg here

NEW: The Beatles "Missing Links volume 2" - 1CD

The Beatles - Missing Links Vol 2 (Demos & Rehearsals) [1cd]

01. I'll Follow The Sun (Rehearsal)
02. Michelle (Demo)
03. One And One Is Two (Demo)
04. She's A Woman (Take 2)
05. That Means A Lot (Take 21)
06. The Night Before (Bbc)
07. Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 2)
08. Hey Bulldog (Demo)
09. Chi Chi's
10. I Am The Walrus (Take 9)
11. Step Inside Love (Demo)
12. Revolution Jam (Moniter Mix)
13. Blackbird / Helter Skelter / Gone Tomorrow, Here Today
14. Hey Jude (Take 9)
15. Something (Rehearsal, Lennon On Vocals)


NEW: The Beatles "Missing Links volume 1" - 1CD

The Beatles - Missing Links Vol. 1


01 There's A Place (take 5 & 6)
02 Misery (take 2 - 6)
03 Thank You Girl (Take 1)
04 Don't Bother Me (Take 10)
05 If I Fell (Demo)
06 Can't Buy Me Love (Take 3)
07 A Hard Day's Night (Take 4)
08 What You're Doing (Take 11)
09 I Feel Fine (Take 5)
10 She's A Woman (Take 7)
11 I'm A Loser (Take 6)
12 Yes It Is (Take 9)
13 Help! (Take 5)
14 Norwegian Wood (Take 2)
15 12-Bar Original (Take 1)
16 Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 4)
17 Across The Universe (Demo)
18 You Know My Name (Demo)
19 Hello, Goodbye (Take 1)
20 Don't Let Me Down (Demo)
21 The Way You Look Tonight
22 Hey Jude (Take 10)

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

NEW: The Beatles "The Eye Of The Hurricane" - 2DVD

The Beatles
The Eye Of The Hurricane
1964 North American tour
News clips

August 18 Los Angeles
August 18 & 19 San Francisco
August 20 Las Vegas
August 21 Seattle
August 22 Vancouver
August 23 Hollywood
August 24 Bel Air
August 26 Denver
August 27 Cincinnati
August 28 & 29 Forest Hills
August 30 Atlantic City
September 2 Philadelphia

September 3 Indianapolis
September 5 Chicago
September 7 Toronto
September 11 Jacksonville
September 12 Boston
September 13 Baltimore
September 15 Cleveland
September 16 New Orleans
September 17 Kansas City
September 18 Dallas
September 20 & 21 New York City
September 21 Heathrow London
Bonus: Granada TV Centre, Manchester October 14, 1964

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here

Monday, August 1, 2016

RE-UP: Paul McCartney live in Harlesden 1991 - 2CD - May 10

Paul McCartney
"So Long"
Harlesden 1991 & bonus
artwork included

Disc one:
live May 10, 1991 Harlesden

Mean Woman Blues
We Can Work It Out
San Francisco Bay Blues
Every Night
Here, There And Everywhere
That Would Be Something
And I Love Her
She's A Woman
I Lost My Little Sunshine
I've Just Seen A Face
Good Rockin' Tonight
My Brave Face
Band On The Run
Ebony And Ivory
I Saw Her Standing There
Coming Up

Disc two:
live May 10, 1991 Harlesden

Get Back
The Long And Winding Road
Ain't That A Shame
Let It Be
Can't Buy Me Love
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

live July 24, 1991

Down To The River
Hi-Heel Sneakers

Bonus tracks:

Matchbox (acoustic version)
Blackpool (Backyard Tape)
Blackbird (Backyard Tape)
Country Dreamer (Backyard Tape)
Twenty Flight Rock (Backyard Tape)
Peggy Sue (Backyard Tape)
I'm Gonna Love You Too (Backyard Tape)
Sweet Little Sixteen (Backyard Tape)
Loving You (Backyard Tape)
We're Gonna Move (Backyard Tape)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Wings live)
Spies Like Us (live)

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