Wednesday, July 27, 2016

RE-UP: Paul McCartney "The Alternate 'Band On The Run'" - 2CD

Paul McCartney
"The Alternate Band On The Run"
artwork included

Disc one:
Band On The Run (rehearsal 1974)
Jet (tour rehearsal 1992/1993)
Bluebird (rehearsal 1974)
Mrs. Vanderbilt
Let Me Roll It (soundcheck Orlando 09-05-1993)
No Words (live in Glasgow 17-12-1979)
Picasso's Last Word (live in the USA 1976)
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five (rehearsal 1974)

Disc two:
Helen Wheels
Zoo Gang (B-side of Band on The Run UK-single)
Band On The Run (live in Melbourne 13-11-1975)
Band On The Run (live in Glasgow 17-12-1979)
Band On The Run (live in Berkeley 01-04-1990)
Band On The Run (live in Charlotte 15-06-1993)
Band On The Run (Ranachan rehearsal, Scotland 1979)
Let Me Roll It (Ranachan rehearsal, Scotland 1979)

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RE-UP: Paul McCartney "Let 'Em Out volume 7" - 1CD - 1980 rehearsals

LET 'EM OUT Volume 7
Pugin's Hall Rehearsals Nov 7, 1980
Remasters Workshop
RMW 685

The second batch of recordings recently unearthed is a bit of a conundrum. Much of this material was previously issued on "Let 'Em Out" volumes 3 and 5, but in edited or truncated form. It was reported to have come from rehearsals in Montserrat. This time, it's reported as being Pugin Hall on November 7, 1980. The recordings were presented as a continuous piece from the same session. Since we have no way to know, and this material is previously undocumented, we will leave it to the esteemed scholars in our midst to figure out where it's from and when. In any case, here it is in complete form, with extra material, including eight more minutes of the riveting "Denny's Song"! Be still my heart.

Track listing:

01  No Values
02  Your Lucky Day
03  Oh Boy / Peggy Sue
04  I'm Gonna Love You Too
05  Ain't That A Shame / I'm In Love Again
06  Rockin' In Your Seat
07  Fabulous / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
08  Your True Love / Lend Me Your Comb
09  Goin' Back To Tennessee
10  Denny's Song (complete)
11  Improvisation

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RE-UP: Paul McCartney "Let 'Em Out volume 4" - 2CD - tour rehearsals

Last Installment
Remasters Workshop RMW 559 / 560

These are the recordings of rehearsals for the Wings Over The World Tour. Carefully assembled to try to match noise levels at the track joins. Several of these songs were played in sequence, so we're lucky that the edits are mostly transparent. All tracks are level, pitch and phase corrected, and restored to true mono.

Track listing:

Disc 1:
01  Venus And Mars - Rock Show - Jet
02  Let Me Roll It
03  Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
04  Medicine Jar
05  Lady Madonna
06  The Long And Winding Road
07  Live And Let Die
08  Call Me Back Again (incomplete)
09  Picasso's Last Words - Richard Cory
10  Bluebird
11  I've Just Seen A Face

Disc 2:
01  Blackbird
02  Yesterday
03  You Gave Me The Answer
04  Magneto And Titanium Man
05  Go Now
06  My Love
07  Listen To What The Man Said
08  Letting Go
09  Band On The Run
10  Hi Hi Hi
11  Soily
12  Bonus - Martha My Dear (instrumental edit)


RE-UP: Paul McCartney 1990 Rio soundcheck - 1CD - April 20

Paul McCartney
Maracana Stadium, Rio
April 20, 1990
artwork included

Mean Woman Blues
Rio Jam
Just Because
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Love Me Do
The Hustle
instrument tuning

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RE-UP: Paul McCartney 1975 Europe Tour Rehearsal - 1CD

Paul McCartney and Wings
European Tour Rehearsal
Elstree Studios
Hertfordshire England

01-Live And Let Die
02-Call Me Back Again (fades out at end)
03-My Love (fades in)
04-Listen To What The Man Says (fades out)
05-Band On The Run (fades in and out)
06-The Long And Winding Road (fades in)
07-Medicine Jar ( short edit)
08-Go Now
09-Juniors Farm (short edit)
10-Letting Go (fades out)
11-Blackbird (short edit)
12-Yesterday (short edit)
13-I've Just Seen A Face (fades out)
14-Picasso's Last Words (fades in)
15-Richard Cory
17-Hi, Hi, Hi (fades out)

18-Radio Luxembourg Tony Prince int 9-6-1975
19-Mi Amigo Radio int. 9-1975

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