Sunday, July 21, 2013

NEW: Paul McCartney live in Washington 2013 - 2CD - Flac & mp3 links

Paul McCartney - Lostbrook 2.0 Volume 16

July 12, 2013
Nationals Park
Washington, DC

Source:  CA-14(cards)>CA-9200>Sony M10(24/48)
Transfer: Micro SDHC>PC>WAV>CQ Mastering>FLAC(16/44.1)
Location:  Section 131 (near first base)

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ

01 Intro (0:40)
02 Eight Days A Week (2:54)
03 Junior's Farm (3:25)
04 All My Loving (3:03)
05 Listen To What The Man Said (4:07)
06 Let Me Roll It* (8:10)
07 Paperback Writer (4:51)
08 My Valentine (3:31)
09 Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five (4:05)
10 The Long And Winding Road (3:57)
11 Maybe I'm Amazed (6:14)
12 I've Just Seen A Face (2:29)
13 We Can Work It Out (3:24)
14 Another Day (4:42)
15 And I Love Her (3:36)
16 Blackbird (4:51)
17 Here Today (3:09)
18 Your Mother Should Know (2:42)
19 Lady Madonna (2:56)
20 All Together Now (2:59)
21 Lovely Rita (3:38)
22 Mrs. Vandebilt (5:24)
23 Eleanor Rigby (3:08)
24 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! (3:49)
25 Something (4:53)
26 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (3:46)
27 Band On The Run (5:17)
28 Back In The U.S.S.R. (5:22)
29 Let It Be (4:15)
30 Live And Let Die (3:53)
31 Hey Jude (11:14)

32 Day Tripper (3:26)
33 Hi, Hi, Hi (3:38)
34 Get Back (6:44)
Encore 2:

35 Yesterday (3:35)
36 Helter Skelter (6:01)
37 Golden Slumbers>Carry That Weight>The End (8:31)

*includes Foxy Lady (Hendrix) jam

Notes:  These tickets went on sale before I bought my Rolling Stones seats.  At the time, I balked (a little baseball stadium humor there) at the idea of buying four top-price tickets and settled for seats near first base for myself and my sons.  After our Stones experience, I now feel like a cheapskate for "only" buying the $100 seats.  Addictive taping behavior did have me musing about ways to upgrade my seat for a better taping location but I just couldn't leave my kids behind. I think the tape came out nicely, but there's no escaping the outdoor stadium sound.  Fortunately, we were close enough to avoid the Lou Gehrig echo effect: "Today ( I consider myself (myself...myself) the luckiest man ( on the face of the earth ("  Our neighbors were surprisingly quiet, though you'll have to ignore the "ICE COLD BEER!" vendors.  I was dying for one, even at $9.50, but didn't want to end up with a track entitled "Urinal."  We were also fortunate that the rain stopped before the show began. Wind was not a major issue, though you will hear the sound shift around the stadium a bit.  In the end, it was McCartney who blew everyone away.  It's hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with the set list.  He could stay "Out There" for years if he continues to perform at this level.  As for me, I'm ready to retreat indoors to smaller low-profile venues and artists.